Brooke is, in a word, amazing. I was skeptical of hypnotherapy when I went to my first session, but I feel so lucky to have ended up with such a talented hypnotherapist like Brooke who broke it all down to me and explained the science behind it. I’ll never forget at our first meeting, she flat out told me: “I want to make sure that you don’t have to keep coming back here.” I thought, Wow! What therapist or doctor wants you to stop coming to them? But this is how Brooke works – she is dedicated to targeting the exact issues that you’re dealing with so that you can genuinely heal, instead of merely shelling out time and money for a placebo peace of mind. I was going through a tumultuous period when I first started seeing Brooke, and my sessions with her helped me tackle and overcome my issues in the most painless way possible. I’ve had sessions with other hypnotherapists, but none came even remotely close to the satisfaction, peace, and wealth of self-knowledge I get from a session with Brooke. Even as a person, Brooke is so warm, authentic, and inspiring – she practices what she preaches and is heavily invested in helping others better themselves in whatever way she can. I feel so lucky to have met Brooke, because not only have I gained a wonderful counselor and teacher, but also a true friend. ~RB

I met Brooke at an integrative lifestyle forum where she presented as a keynote speaker. Shortly after she began her presentation on hypnotherapy, I began to wonder if hypnotherapy might benefit me. Everything she said about how hypnotherapy works and how it has helped other people struck me as just the right thing I needed to overcome a deep-seeded problem I had been struggling with for a long time. By the time Brooke finished her presentation, I was convinced that hypnotherapy would help solve my problems, and I was determined to make the effort and give it a shot. It took me a few months before I finally gave Brooke a call, but if I had known what I know now, I would’ve scheduled an appointment before I even left the forum that day! After I spoke with Brooke on the phone, I scheduled my first appointment, and we soon began working together on some things that I had tried for so long, but failed, to fix on my own. Brooke explained to me how the mind works and how my subconscious was interfering with my efforts to change. She told me I wasn’t broken, and there wasn’t anything wrong with me!!! After struggling with something for EIGHT YEARS, you start to believe the opposite, so this was very relieving to hear! Brooke explained that she would help me re-program my subconscious, so that it would no longer hold me back from living the life I had been trying so hard to carry out. As we got started, I was obvious to me that Brooke new exactly what to do to help me, and she beamed with excitement and drive to make my goals a reality. With each session, I was making great leaps, but it was a process, and I had my share of setbacks as well. However, in the times that I struggled, Brooke was extremely flexible in moving up my sessions so I could address the obstacles I was facing as soon as possible. Brooke taught me that even though I may had taken a step or two backwards, I had still made a lot of progress in comparison to where I started in the beginning, and that perspective helped me tremendously through the rest of my journey. I no longer saw each setback as a failure, but as an opportunity for growth in my upcoming session. As I sit here today writing this letter, I can honestly say that hypnotherapy with Brooke has changed my life. I am finally able to lead the life I have wanted to live for so long! I loved every minute of my therapy with Brooke, and it was a bittersweet goodbye at the end of our work together. I am so thankful that I met her, and I hope more people hear about her and have the privilege of working with her because it is truly is a pleasure! If you’re thinking about giving Brooke a call, DO IT! I am confident that if anyone puts forth the effort to change, Brooke will help them reach their goals, and lives too will be changed. 

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