According to David Spiegel at the Stanford University School of Medicine after conducting a study in 2016, “Hypnosis is the oldest Western form of psychotherapy, but it’s been tarred with the brush of dangling watches and purple capes. In fact, it’s a very powerful means of changing the way we use our minds to control perception and our bodies.” Check out the full article on the study conducted by Stanford here.

What is natural hypnosis?
Everyday we take in tens of thousands of message units into our mind! We all have our own special number of messages we can take on before our critical thinking becomes overloaded and disorganized. Think of this area of the mind like a filter. It filters in what you choose to believe and rejects what you choose not to believe. When this area of the mind becomes overloaded, the fight/flight responses are triggered. Once in fight/flight, we enter a hyper-suggestible state giving us access to the subconscious. This is how we can find a cigarette in our mouth when stressed, eating a tub of ice cream for comfort or making it home without remembering most of the drive! The subconscious takes over for us when in natural hypnosis and uses your personal survival programming to help you handle the current situation.

Knowing this, you can understand that this is why you’re not broken! In fact, your mind repeats your behaviors automatically because it believes you need them to survive! These are your neural pathways! You will continue repeating these same behaviors until something helps the subconscious to change the neural pathways, like clinical hypnosis!

What is clinical hypnosis?
I create the natural state of hypnosis in a one-on-one setting and sometimes in public workshops. Instead of the subconscious running the show, I talk directly to your subconscious using your suggestions and beliefs to change the neural pathways that are no longer benefiting you. This is possible since the filter in your mind (the critical thinking) isn’t stopping the positive suggestions from entering the subconscious.

I offer one-on-one hypnosis sessions remotely via telehealth (HIPAA compliant). My clients live all over the United States from NYC to Los Angeles!

**Please note: Do to the nature of telehealth sessions, I do not work with anyone under the age of 12. Parent/Guardian must be around for all sessions, though it’s up to the child if they want the parent in the same room during their session.

First session is approximately 90 minutes for $150
Subsequent sessions are approximately 50 minutes for $125

You may also combine hypnosis with my other services of EFT or Reiki:

Hypnosis with EFT or Reiki for up to 2 hours is $200
Hypnosis with EFT or Reiki for up to 1 hour is $125

*Payments are credit/debit. I do accept HSA/FSA, however it is the responsibility of the client to find out if their HSA/FSA covers this service. Sorry, no cash or checks.

Contact me to get started!

FAQ About Hypnosis
Q: Are you going to make me quack like a duck?
A: I have no desire to make you quack like a duck. If you’re coming to me, we’re working together on making changes in your life to help you thrive in the areas that are important to you!

Q: Is it mind control?
A: No. You are in a hyper-suggestible state where you are willing to take in positive suggestions. These suggestions are personalized for you and your goals. Clinical hypnosis helps you take control of your life.

Q: Will I remember the hypnosis?
A: Everyone responds in their own way to hypnosis. Some can reach the deepest level of hypnosis, amnesia. Others will say “I remember every word you said” or “I remember you talking, but I was also thinking about work and errands”.

Q: What will it feel like?
A: Some clients say they feel lighter, heavier, warmer, cooler, tingly, or like they’re floating. Some clients will say they didn’t feel anything physically, but they felt calm or relaxed.

Q: Can you make me remember or erase memories?
A: If the subconscious has repressed a memory, it did so for your survival and we will not go digging for it. As you begin to cope in a healthier way, the subconscious will feel safe to bring up memories and will do so when it is ready. With that being said, we do not erase memories because the subconscious is bringing them up for you to deal with and heal.

Q: How does hypnosis work?
A: Hypnosis is a natural state that we go into throughout the day when the critical area of the mind becomes overloaded with message units, triggering our fight/flight mechanisms. This in turn creates a hyper-suggestible state, giving us access to the subconscious so we can reprogram your neural pathways.

Q: Can you fix me?
A: Your mind’s programming needs to be changed, not “fixed”.

Q: How many sessions does it take?
A: This really depends on you as an individual. One person could be done in 1-3 sessions, and another person could take 10-12 sessions or even more. It can go quick or it can take some time.

Q: What do I need for hypnosis to be the most successful it can be?
A: Desire to make a change, commitment to yourself to make the change, willingness to go into hypnosis and patience with your mind. This is a journey and it’s one step at a time.

Listening to your recording on a regular basis and doing your “homework” will speed up the results through the law of repetition. Your neural pathways need repetition so they can strengthen!

PLEASE NOTE: I will email you the hypnosis recording from your session.

Q: How soon will I see results?
A: This is an individual experience. Some clients will leave their session and feel a shift happening right away. Others will have a delayed response, meaning it takes a few days before they notice a shift. And few will say things got worse for a few days before seeing improvement. Nearly 90 percent of clients will report a shift or improvement after 1-2 sessions.

Q: Does insurance cover hypnosis?
A: I do not accept insurance.

Q: Do I need a referral?
A: If it’s for self-improvement, no. For example, self-esteem, confidence, motivation, habit modification, etc.

If it’s for a medical or psychological condition, I do request a referral. This creates a team approach and lets me know your doctor/psychologist is okay with you moving ahead with hypnosis for your condition.

Q: How long are the sessions?
A: The first session is approximately 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are approximately 50 minutes. I offer custom length sessions, at your request.

Every session will have hypnosis for approximately 12-20 minutes depending on the issue(s) we’re working on in that session.

Q: Can I get a refund?
A: For services rendered, there are no refunds. While hypnosis has a high success rate, no guarantees can be made.

Q: When are your hours?
A: Since becoming a mom in December 2019, I have limited business hours to fit my family’s needs. My current hours are 11am-4pm Monday-Thursday with some seldom evening hours.

Q: What if I have other questions?
A: Please contact me.

Q: Is there a good resource where I can read about the latest studies and research on hypnosis?
A: The Hypnosis Motivation Institute has a webpage dedicated to this topic here.

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